Terms and Conditions


  1. I am acting on my own behalf as an individual and I am 20 years of age or older. If I am under 20 years of age, this application must be co-signed by my parent(s) or my legal guardian.
  2. This application shall constitute a binding agreement between Forever Living Products Thailand (FLP Thailand) and myself at such time as this application is received and approved by FLP Thailand. I acknowledge that I have selected a sponsor or have had one assigned to my distributorship, which I accept. I certify that I have not, prior to this date, sponsored into this country and I am using my original sponsor, if applicable.
  3. I am an independent contractor in the business of selling consumer products. I am not an employee or legal representative of FLP Thailand for any purpose. I will be responsible for compliance with local statutes and regulations, including, but not limited to, those related to licensing and taxation. I recognize that my remuneration is based on my performance in the sale or delivery of products and not on the number of hours worked or an element of chance. FLP Thailand shall not be responsible for withholding or collection and remitting of any taxes unless required by statutes and regulations or by express collection agreement with the relevant authority.
  4. I will attend FLP Thailand meetings to understand company procedure and policies.
  5. FLP Thailand may, after reasonable notice, change, amend or modify this agreement and its policies, procedures and marketing plan to maintain a viable marketing system, comply with legal requirements or changes in economic conditions, and I shall operate my business in accordance with any such changes, amendments or modifications.
  6. To properly represent the Company products and its marketing plan, all forms of advertising, including, but not limited to, audio and video tapes and printed material, must be submitted and approved in writing by FLP Thailand’s President and/or FLP Thailand’s executive officers.
  7. All purchase orders must be accompanied with cash or a cashier’s check, or a wire transfer.
  8. As long as I am a Distributor and not in violation of FLP Thailand policy, FLP Thailand shall pay me for my successful sales efforts in accordance with various bonuses established by the FLP Thailand marketing plan.
  9. This agreement is personal in nature and cannot be assigned or transferred except in the event of extenuating circumstances such as legal separation or by death and confirmed with written authorization and approval ofFLP Thailand’s President.
  10. All disputes between the distributor and FLP Thailand shall be governed by FLP Thailand’s President and executive officers and resolved by binding arbitration.
  11. FLP Thailand expects its distributors to conduct themselves with the highest ethics and integrity. I agree to do so and represent that I have never been convicted of a felony or charged with a crime involving moral turpitude or dishonesty.

Forever Living Company Policy

Please download the Forever Living Product Thailand Company policy here.